About University

Maitriyana Buddhist University is an international school, open to the entire humanity.  It’s purpose is, the creation, transmission and preservation of the compassionate wisdom (karuna-prajna). To meet this Purpose (Dharma), it has established a direct and permanent contact with the universal thought, by using Mindfulness for solving global problems.

MBU contributes creatively to the evolution of culture through psychoanalytical, humanistic and transpersonal studies, and by means of existential, stoic and relativistic investigations. It also disseminates socialist, anarchist and ecumenical ideas, seeking the spiritual conquest of the world by the realization of the art of teaching of the peak knowledge (satori).

MBU is a commune (Sangha) of masters, teachers and apprentices, procuring and reconciling all components that infuse in the subject the spirit of ethical righteousness and social responsibility. To this end, the School trains original professionals and revolutionary researchers with a socially engaging vocation, always ready to serve the world by channelling the graduates towards teaching tasks so that they can nurture and transform their relationship with society.

MBU dispenses with the attachment to any ideology within the fields of psychology, philosophy, science, politics and religion; ensuring the students the fullest Freedom of expression. However, the School is not indifferent to the social problems. It objectively studies the facts without falling into the trap of any perticular ideology.

MBU is not only a School of higher education, but it also has the goal of practicing social and cultural activities directly and revolutionary way.

MBU impartially studies the problems of the world with detachment. Exposing their root causes and providing spiritual counseling to individuals, institutions and countries. It encourages participants sin building a better world.

MBU is an International School specializated in the delivery of high quality, non-traditional and advanced academic pathways in the disciplines of Buddhism, Psychology, Philosophy and Politics. It is premised upon the requirement of establishing a progressive academic programme that challenges the dominant education discourse, and in so doing lowers the substantial barriers that currently exist in society that prevent ordinary people from accessing the most advanced academic and spiritual thinking.
MBU is member of United Buddhist Nations Organization, with the Registration Number A022017.