About ABS

Amitabha Buddhist Society

Amitabha Buddhist Society is a non-profit making, non-government organization registered under Bombay Public Act dated 27/10/2010 (Reg. No. E-5597 Pune). It is also registered u/s 80G of income tax act 1961 (Reg. No. PN/CIT-I/80G/359/2010-11).

Amitabha Buddhist Society is the Headquarters of the World Association Of Buddhism; 7th, No, 1595, Templo Budista, Costa Bonita, Necochea CP 7631, Buenos Aires, Argentina, since 2013 for India – Asia area. It is a official Representative of the Maitriyana Buddhist University, has the office in Pune area, to organize varied kind of study, practice, and meditation courses in Buddhism. It is a institutional member and insistently working for the Maitriyana Spiritual Movement. ABS is also a jury member in International Buddhist Ethics Committee & Buddhist Tribunal on Human Rights, UBNO (United Nations Buddhist Organizations).

We provide all the required assistance, guidance, direction, co-operation, motivation, and everything required for the development of Education, Ecology, Humanity and world Peace. In addition, we also organize regular programs for the spiritual development by the way of Buddhism. We guide our students and seekers in concepts of ultimate truth, happiness, satisfaction, inner contentment etc., for this we are taking massive efforts. We are trying to propagate the Buddhist vision to the masses by organizing and coordinating programs from time to time.

Buddhism is a science of Living, propounding the values of Humanity, showing importance of the basic principles of Liberty, Equality and Fraternity for the humankinds.