About Maitriyana


The Maitriyana is a spiritual movement in direct lineage with Siddharth Gautama and other spiritual masters founders of schools, always working for world peace, social justice, education and ecology. The Maitriyana is the First Original Way Of Buddhism (Samasambudhayana), by unifying Hinayana, Mahayana and the Western Wisdom, it also carries the flame of the Samasambudhayana and the Ekayana (the one Vehicle) Buddhism, since it studies and practices the teaching of all the spiritual traditions, recognizing them as different means to achieve the Cure (Nirvana). One Vehicle in practice and theory, since actually is stated that the Vehicle of the experience of the Awakening (Bodhi) – o Samasambudhayana – is really the only way. Maitriyana is an inclusive way that embraces all the studies and spiritual practices, by reaffirming the dignity of all Buddhist schools, without showing any favouritism.

The Maitriyana, called Cicheng in Chinese and Jijo in Japanese, may be considered as the most evolved form of Buddhist Spirituality, by reconciling the Theravada, Mahayana, and the Western Wisdom under a so called Third Way. The Maitriyana is the synthesis of the teaching about the Awakened Mind (bodhicitta), by being an organic totality that produces the reconciliation (Maitri) of any opposition or contradiction between Hinayana and Mahayana. The theory of Purna Buddhism that the Maitriyana Spirituality performs as a Way of Reconciliation, because before establishing a unity between Buddhist Spirituality and Western Wisdom, the unity it must first be clarified within the Buddhism itself, which was characterized for having multiple ways of understanding their pathways. The full understanding of the various Buddhist pathways is Purna Buddhism.

The Dharmic conquest promotes to Maitriyana as the most revolutionary Buddhist movement of the history of humanity, since it allows that all humanity can be converted to the spiritual path that Gautama followed. The Maitriyana emerges as a New integrative and reconciliatory Vehicle amongst all the schools of Buddhism, at the same time that a conversion or a spiritual conquest of West is done, postulating new disciplines as from the dialectic performed by Buddhism with Western movements of the twentieth century, such as it has happened in the past with all the eastern disciplines.