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Introduction To Buddhist Socialism – Preface To The First Edition

We are delighted, to publish the first edition of our book “ Introduction To Buddhist Socialism ”. Through this book, Master Maitreya Samyaksambuddha has done an immense and tremendous work for the whole humanity. Today, the whole world has plunged into a controversy, for the supremacy of the religions and extending the capitalism throughout the world, also it is enforce into religious conflicts and crisis. The human society has turned to violence, killing, terrorism, oppression,  wrong views, etc. Societies may also succumb to the nihilistic error, where members advisedly  deceive and exploit their companions, often for money and power, and often behind a facade of social concern. After reviewing the present situation, we found that people are either unaware or have forgotten about the Buddha’s teaching of Peace, and Compassionate Wisdom and term of the Ti –lakkana (The Three characteristics of existence)  Anicca (Impermanence, constant change), Dukkha (Discontent, Suffering) and Anatta (Not – self). It would be a reliable task for phenomenology to expose the cognitive and emotional meanings that support such scoffer intentions, to which our culture largely acquiesces.  As Nagarjuna say, “ Without (an absolute) self, where will, there be the property ? Relieved from ‘ self ’ and ‘ property ’ there will be no selfishness and no possessiveness.” The path to enlightenment then can be seen as increasing freedom from possession. This nescience of the Buddhist path is the real cause of suffering of any community. Liberation is relational determination made fully accessible to consciousness. Spirituality is the cure (Nirvana) of the cultural nature of humanity. The True Evolution of humanity is spiritual and non-technological, transforming not only the mind but also liberating society through pacifism, social justice, wisdom and ecology. These are the four pillars of the Cure (Nirvana) for the ills of the world that are war, poverty, ignorance and pollution. We do not need wars, we need the Buddha’s path.

“The income from the book will be used as funds for the some educational face to face projects of MBU( Maitriyana Buddhist University ) in India which are being developed by ABS.”