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Kindly make a generous donation and take your first step towards “Nibbana”.

Making donation (Dana) is of great virtue for the humankind, which protects your mind from three basic poisons i.e. greed, hatred, and delusion. It helps you to generate a right vision against the root cause of all suffering i.e. ignorance. It is the Right path, leading towards the Spirituality, realizing a true purpose of life, subduing your natural emotions and improving reasoned emotions such as, loving kindness, compassion, sympathetic joy, and tranquillity. It further enables you to reveal glimpses of Nibbana , which is the ultimate destination of our unconsciousness.

Your kind donation will be used for our various humanitarian projects as, it enables us to become more innovative, self-sustainable, energetic, and inspirational. Also it can be useful in undertaking of varied spiritual programs.

Donate for the apposite, Humanitarian philosophy, Buddhism, and the Unification of all Buddhist Lineages.

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