MBU is a Non Profit Organization(NPO) and a Non Government University (NGU)  so it does not receive any funds from any government or private sector. Our only source of income is the fees from the students. They help us in sustaining as well as in developing our Projects. This fee also help us in paying for the basic services that our institution uses; such as electricity, heating, telephone, Internet, Books, Transport, Postal Mail, Stationery, Cleaning, Food, Taxes, Maintenance, etc.. In addition, student’s fees are used to offer Full Scholarships to Buddhist monks from around the world.

Our School is economically poor, thus, for example, at this time few students are contributing financially, therefore we need more help.

Simultaneously, because we are a non-profit institution, surplus income is donated and redistributed to the functioning of other organizations which no source of income, like some Universities. We hope that one day we will be able to make the courses completely free for anyone who has the hunger to learn.

Also, MBU is the main economic support of the World Association of Buddhism (WBA), which is an international organization. It’s Purpose is to transform the history of Spirituality throughout the world.If you wish to help us, the best way would be to enroll for a Course with us.


Plan 1. Total Payment

Expert Degree: $290 USD total

Teacher Degree: $580 USD total

Master Degree: $870 USD total

PhD Degree: $1740 USD total


Plan 2. Monthly Payment

1 Course: 100 USD

3 Courses: 200 USD

10 Courses: 400 USD