In MBU there are two possible ways of persuing any Course or PhD.

The first possibility is an intensive, completely personalized Classroom Training in our humble institution. This option is more intense and the cost includes food and accommodation.

The second possibility is Distance Education. This mode is fully personalized, so that students receive the study material in their mail along with assignments.They will also receive online Tutoring and a guide will assist them when required, evaluating  them, answering their questions and guiding them.  The method of Evaluation is based on Research Paper, on a topic assigned by the Tutor. This topic will be based on a bibliography that students must achieve through meditative study. This Research must be submitted with a copy of the bibliography, which will be donated to the Library of MBU.

After approving the Course or Ph.D. the student will receive a Certificate with a locally authenticated signature by the School of Notary and an International Legalization through the Hague Apostille.