Introduction To Buddhist Socialism – Preface To The First Edition

We are delighted, to publishing our first edition of the book “Introduction To Buddhist Socialism “. Through this book, Master Maitreya Samyaksambuddha has done great and tremendous work for the whole humanity. Today, the whole world has plunged into a controversy, for the supremacy of the religions and to spreading the capitalism throughout the world.  The whole world is forced into religious conflicts and crisis. The human society has turned to violence, killing, terrorism, oppression, wrong views, etc. After reviewing the present situation, we found that peoples are unaware about the Buddha’s teaching of Peace, and Compassionate Wisdom. The ignorance of the Buddhist path is the real cause of the suffering of any community. We do not need wars, we need the Buddhist path.

Before 2600 years in India, the Buddha revealed the true cause of human suffering. He also revealed the true nature of things, and gave us profound knowledge, to overcome our own suffering. He taught us the Four Noble Truths, Suffering, Origin of suffering, Extinction of suffering, and the path leading to the suffering. As the Buddha recognized in his first noble truth and as Freud agreed many centuries later, there is a residual dissatisfaction in even the most satisfying experience. The object always disappoints. He also showed the Eightfold Path; Right View, Right Thought, Right Speech, Right Action, Right Livelihood, Right Diligence, Right Mindfulness, and Right Concentration- to achieve our ultimate goal – Nibanna. Although the Buddha’s teaching is ancient, it is compatible with our Morden world. It’s based on scientific view, so that in spite of long duration, it still seems very influential, innovative, socially beneficial, and proximate with western philosophy and psychology. Buddhist philosophy and thoughts are so useful for the western science, also for the scientific innovations in the many sectors such as in,  Psychotherapy, Psychoanalysis, Relativism, Neurosciences, Transpersonal Psychology etc.

The present book is based on “ Right Livelihood “ in the Eightfold Path of the Buddhist Philosophy. Right Livelihood means, what one does for living and how one gives economical support to one’s family as well as for oneself. It goes beyond individualism because it is a collective matter in that, what we do inevitably affects others. Human beings should be concerned about their right ways through the world because, we do that affects others. Right Livelihood always involves how our actions affect ourselves and others. This is  one kind of social and Psychological kamma. No one escape its fruitions. Killing or stealing for money, power, excitement, pollute the environment, and to become indifferent about its responsibilities is not Right Livelihood. On the country, it is both the personal and collective matter, required to doing or engaging in wholesome activities which will reduce our own suffering, such kind of activities would help us to grow, develop, and express ourselves. Right Livelihood and to do wholesome actions is a central responsibilities of the every individual towards the humanitarian societies, environment, the preservations of the ecology and the Earth ( Gaya ). These important issues are creatively incorporated through the Thirteen chapters in this book by Master Maitreya Samyaksambuddha. He is a creator of Maitriyana, which is new integrating way of the Buddhist Spirituality. Buddhist Socialism is one of its current.

With more about  Right Livelihood, Dr. B. R. Ambedkar has written in His “ Buddha And His Dhamma He states that, “ Every individual has to earn his livelihood. But there are ways and ways of earning one’s Livelihood. Some are bad and some are good. Bad ways are those which cause injury and injustice to others. Good ways are those by which the individual earns his Livelihood without causing injury or injustice to others. This is Samma Ajivo. This is a compassionate teaching of the Buddhist wisdom, which  insists that the people live with, in a way of compassionate, joyful, rightful, to each others as well as with all living organisms. With the help of the Buddhist Socialism Venerable Bhante Buddhadasa did a social reformation in Thailand during the seventies. This social revolution becomes  more inspirable to every social leaders, who wants to do something for the humankind and social upliftment of the unprivileged communities in the world.

Today, the world is also going through the crisis of Capitalism. The capitalistic powers are ruling all over the world and ceaselessly consuming a lot of natural resources, ecological and environmental products. Apart from this, they are also doing the absorption of Human values and principles. They do not have the Moral principles and the responsibilities towards the humanitarian and spiritual improvement. Because of the strong Capitalism and their absorptions of the natural and humanistic sources, the inequalities among the societies are growing rapidly, and their effects are horrible. This is a root cause of every kind of suffering. With regards to Karl Marx, we can see the actual image of this Capitalistic world, this capitalistic civilizations is a root cause of the human suffering and the devastations of the Earth ( Gaya ). Hence ‘ Maitriyana ‘ put the antidote of ‘ Dharmic civilizations ‘ against the Capitalistic civilizations. A way of Maitriyana providing a profound path of ‘ Dharmic civilizations ‘ to all the human being for their spiritual improvements and the liberation from the suffering. In ‘ Dharmic civilization Master Maitreya Samayaksambuddha ‘ has been creatively integrating  socialism, spiritualism, humanistic principles with the responsibilities towards the Ecology and Environment.

According to Abhidhammic philosophy, ‘ Kamma serves a cause and conditions ‘ for the present, so the whole world seem to be more tangled than our views. Really, Kamma is a true maker of our present world. This is a real mystery of all our conflicts and crisis. Greed, Hatred, and Delusion are the three basic poisons for the human mind and the humanistic societies. Venerable Dhammakirti was well defined the dharma ( Phenomenon ), “ is a base or support for arising of the three poisons. So we must have to be very careful of these poisons. It is our moral duty to abstain from the unwholesome kamma.

Eventually, we would like to share the stanza of Nagarjuna in which He refuted the static theory of Sarvastivadians, and revealed the true nature of things. In his treatise ‘ Shunyatasaptati ‘ he asserted that, “  Arising, Enduring, and Disintegrating  “ “ Existing and non – Existing “ “ Inferior and Middling and Superior “ do not have true Existence. Because all phenomenon are devoid of inherent existence ( Emptiness ).

Through this book we are trying to create an awareness among the readers, also making them more conscious , about the social, humanitarian values and the responsibilities towards the Environment, Ecology, and the Earth ( Gaya ).

We hope, we shall get a response from the worldwide intellectuals, that will be a true honour towards this book, and this action will provide a new direction to the movement of the Maitriyana Buddhism.

Finally, we are very thankful to Masterss Yan, the Vice Rector of the “ Maitriyana Buddhist University “ for her consistency and devotion to translating the original book from Spanish to English. This book is a fruition of her continuous efforts towards the humankind purpose. We are  thankful to our Dhamma friend, Milind Shakya for his hard work and dedications to create the beautifully designed cover page for the present book.  Also, thankful to our technical supporters Rajeev Singh who helped us to made this book more creative from time to time.

On behalf of
Maitriyana Buddhist University.
( Amitabha Buddhist Society )