Proposed Meditation Centre at Achler and Pune


  • Buddhism is Buddha’s teachings and the inner experiences or realizations of these teachings.
  • These have a timeless and universal relevance and can be practiced by anyone in any culture, regardless of race, gender, or age.
  • Protection from suffering and problems
  • By practicing Buddha’s teachings, or Dharma, we protect our self from suffering and problems. All the problems we experience during daily life originate in ignorance, and the method for eliminating ignorance is to practice Dharma.
  • A Stupa is something like a spiritual generator. If the relics contained within it are powerful and the intention expressed during its creation are pure, the impact of a Stupa can be important for the entire surrounding country, promoting harmony, prosperity, longevity, good health, and peace. It also helps to subdue fear, corruption & pollution.
  • The real Stupa demonstrates the mind of the Buddha, and the path to enlightenment. The Stupa brings together absolute and relative truth.
  • In its absolute reality the Stupa symbolizes the indestructible, the unconditioned; what is beyond words and concepts, what is Buddha mind.

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